The Troupe

An Evening with The History Troupe

From 2014, The History Troupe will launch a quarterly event. Combining readings; music and visuals, we will create a Performance designed to challenge and entertain. We are working on themes like Cargoes (all about ports and the flow of cargoes); The Day of the Republic (all about Hull and the Civil War); The Spanish Civil War (Hull people and a cause to fight for) and, a focus on women as different as Amy Johnson; Madame Clapham and Annie Besant. Watch this space …

The Writers

Rob Bell wrote Sharp Street and Reaching for the Land of Green Ginger. Norah Hanson contributed the amazing poem “I make myself Blind” in the Sharp Street Performance; Jane Wynn, Angelica Gray and Graham Hamilton have worked on the poems and scripts to date. Sylvia Usher and Clare Brennan have helped out on edits for specific sections of the WW1 and Migrants Tale writing. Now, to add to the Repertoire and we are open to other writers making a contribution. Watch this space…

  • Rob Bell
  • Norah Hanson

The Musicians

  • The Hillbilly Troupe
  • Lyn Acton
  • Jody McKenna
  • Hase Waits
  • John Murray

The Dramatists

  • Rupert Creed

 The Performers (the Barbarians!)

Rob Bell, Graham Hamilton and Norah Hanson kicked things off with Sharp Street and Reaching for the Land of Green Ginger. We are expanding in terms of Repertoire and the number of performances and so we are adding performers as we go. Rupert Creed stepped in at Holy Trinity; Cass Patton is working on WW1 themes and other ideas; James Stokes is involved in the performance of Marfleet Lane and more will follow as momentum and repertoire build. The History Troupe will be the Barbarians (A rugby Team that assembles as needed and comes in from all teams!) of the boards. Watch this space…