These are some of the hidden histories that The History Troupe have developed into performances combining spoken word; music and images.

Sharp Street. This performance on a First World War theme combines a selection of Robert J Bell’s Sharp Street poems with music and images from the era. It first night was held at Trinity Methodist Church on Newland Avenue in Hull. Close to 400 people attended. Since then, other performances have been held at Hull Truck; Holy Trinity, Hull; Toll Gavel Church, Beverley and the Hull Freedom Centre, Preston Road.

Staging: Four actors read and musicians perform throughout.  

Duration: 90 minutes. No interval. A music hall piano plays for 30 minutes before the performance.

NOTE: November 2014 venues are being agreed. If you are interested – please contact.

Oppy Wood. Tommy returns from the First World War a changed man exploding like a bomb back home. Nothing can be the same again.

Staging: Four actors. This play was performed at Assemble Fest on 3rd May 2014.     

Duration: 30 minutes. No interval. This is one in a series of Playlets designed for schools. The short performance is followed by a discussion. 

Other plays are being developed:

– Remembering Zeppelins. In 1915, the Germans changed the rules of warfare with Zeppelin raids on Hull. For the first time civilian casualties were part of the action. Here, after the war, several people are rewarded for their gallantry during the raids.

– The Strange Death of Corsetry. The story of Madam Clapham, Fashion Designer for Royalty and how the First World War transforms the role of women in society and shakes her business to the core.

– Mina and Lotti. This is a story of two women meeting at Oppy Wood in 1927. Mina is from Hull and Lotti is from Bavaria. They become pen friends and stay in touch as the world changes around them.

Reaching for the Land of Green Ginger. Part 1 of the Migrants Tale trilogy. This performance explores the theme of migrants moving through Hull from Europe (1830 to 1914) in search of freedom and opportunity. Three actors are accompanied by various musicians covering a varied range of music from klezmer to Irish folk songs and even Sodade by Cesaria Evora.  The first night was held at Fruit, Hull in June 2013 and played to a packed house. A second performance opened the Hull Freedom Festival (over 75,000 people were there for the weekend) at Holy Trinity Church as an evening sunset poured through the huge stained glass window above the performers. A special event. There is real interest in staging this in New York City and Scandinavia. Watch this space.

Staging: Four actors and various musicians.

Duration: 100 minutes

The Other. Part 3 of the Migrants Tale trilogy. This performance explores the contemporary migrant story with readings and music illustrative of this multi-layer story in modern day Britain. The inaugural performance was on Paragon Railway Station, Hull in June 2013. Over 100 people turned up and many more filed past to see what was going on! The acoustics were a real challenge but the location strikes a real chord as a place for exits and entrances.

Staging: Three or four readers and various musicians reflecting cultural diversity.

Duration: 60 minutes.

More to follow: Cargoes and, Aubrey Pocock’s crawl around the iconic pubs of Hull.