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Launched as a Performing Arts company in 2015, THT is growing as an innovative content producer building on a strong repertoire of talks, plays and musical performances. The Repertoire is delivered in several formats:

  • Play, pie and a pint. Influenced by Oran Mor, the Glasgow home of script in the hand performance, THT are developing this as a key element of the content pipeline for fresh material. The Cobbler and a Trawlerman is next up – telling the story of an Anarchist Jewish Cobbler agreeing to make a superior pair of shoes for one of Hull’s fishing community “three day millionaires”.
  • Plays: THT has developed a strong One Act play-for-today format; rooted in challenging local topics with universal clout. The Box tells a story of dockers in the 1970s facing modernisation; Boolin Prams tells a story of a Mother and Daughter in the Fishing Community of the 1970s facing life changing challenges; Heroes, Oppy, Strange Death of Corsetry and Long Way to the Ice House explore the impact of WW1 on local communities. More titles are in the pipeline…
  • Performance: Aside of the One Act format, THT has a strong Repertoire of musical performances that have toured across the North and as far away as Ohio, USA. Sharp Street and Running for the Line are rooted in WW1; Reaching for the Land of Green Ginger, the story of millions leaving Europe from 1880 to 1914 in search of freedom and opportunity; River People tells the fable of Prophemi, leader of the people settled by a river and their quest for a sustainable future. And the hugely successful A Tale of Two Cities is the Hull version of the Derby of Words and Song – a tale of sporting rivalry told with humour by THT’s Stand Up Historians backed by chants, song and images.
  • Readings: Hull, City of Poets explores a purely spoken word format drawing inspiration from the poetry of a place that celebrated Australian Poet Peter Porter called: “the UKs most poetic city” – Hull.