THT Heritage researches, designs and produces exhibitions based on local histories with universal impact. For example:

Cargoes, The Marvell College, Hull. A culture week of workshops and performances was supplemented with a collection of photographs highlighting the handling of cargoes in Hull from 1900 – 1980. This was the framework for a number of heritage workshops with students. Over 1,350 people from the community passed through over just 7 days.

Hull is not just about fish, this week told us of cargoes and links with the world. So important for the students!” Marc Cooper – Headteacher.

InPort Stories, ABP Pumphouse, Alexandra Dock, Hull. The focus has been to re-purpose this listed building around the theme of roots, heritage and futures with the dockside theatre taking heritage from the page to the stage. Over 3,500 people passed through the doors over a 6 week period.

Any retired docker would feel proud; any kid would be fascinated with the photos. Plays like The Box took us back to the quaysides. Brilliant!” Mal Bell – ABP Port Operations; with 5 generations of dockers in his family.

Other exhibitions and installations are being designed and produced on a range of themes in multiple locations across the community.