Oppy Wood Centenary Tour: Monday May 1st to Friday May 5th 2017

The History Troupe has been working with Galina International, battlefield tours specialists with a strong educational focus, on a Hull Pals themed trip. For more details please consult:

Oppy Wood 100th Anniversary (5 days via Hull)

2016 – Utopia and flights of fancy

This is a year of anniversaries. Shakespeare’s 400th; the Centenaries of the Somme; the Easter Rising; the Sykes Picot Agreement and it is 85 years since Amy Johnson completed  her extraordinary solo flight to Australia…

In a Utopian world The History Troupe would have a go at the lot and much more but though it is 500 years since the publication of Thomas Moore’s Utopia – a book that gave rise to a word that we can hardly imagine being without – The History Troupe is looking to collaborate more on writing and performance as well as develop the repertoire around rural tours, school workshops and community performances.

More to detail to follow on:

  • Workshops in Schools
  • The Centenary Trip to Oppy, May 2017 with Gallina Travel
  • New writing on the migrant story from Stavanger, Gdansk, Riga and Antwerp through Hull, Grimsby, Doncaster and Liverpool onto the Americas, Australasia and South Africa.
  • Collaboration with David Murden and the And Albert Foundation on African themes
  • Collaboration with the Yorkshire Regiment
  • Thomas Jacques Somerscales
  • Work on the Humber Ports
  • Collaboration with Spacehive on crowd funding initiatives
  • Collaboration with the Great Lakes

 There’ll be a lot to keep us busy … Anybody interested in working with us – get in touch!

The History Troupe and work in Schools

The History Troupe have been developing a series of plays for High Schools. Each play lasts 30 minutes, fits into a workshop on a historical theme and is followed by a discussion with the students and then, a workshop on writings from the war.

The migrant story and citizenship:
– Reaching for the Land of Green Ginger. This is the story of migrants through Hull from 1880 to 1914. Other material is being developed to explore the story back into Europe and over to the Americas. The workshop opens with a context; examines a range of stories, poems and songs and moves to a performance given by the students themselves.
– The Other. This collection of poems brings the whole issue bang up to date with stories, poems and songs all about the migrant challenges and issues of our day.

– A Story of Africa in 10 objects. Building from the unique And Albert Foundation collection of artefacts, this workshop explores the story behind the image, piece of art, tool or weapon to open up creative interpretations.
– The Transformational Agenda. This workshop explores the challenge of working in Ghana to transform 100 villages from being part of a slave trade route and how this can be transformed into a viable trade corridor.

Global History:
– The box. This is all about the story of trade routes and the impact of cargo on global history. This session can be tailor made around the curriculum with an emphasis on history (Amphoras and Spice Route to Containers and Globalisation) or, on the nature and impact of ports.

More titles under development.

The First World War Repertoire: These are plays that have been performed in schools to date…
– Oppy Wood. Commissioned by Assemble Fest, this play tells the story of Tommy home from the war exploding in the family like a shell.
Heroes. The story of Hull FC and their supporters before and after the First World war asking who are the real heroes.
The Strange Death of Corsetry. Based on Madam Claphams dress making salon, this play is all about the changing role of women before and after the war.
– Remembering Zeppelins. Originally commissioned by BBC Radio, this play has been adapted and tells the tale of Zeppelin Raids over Hull during the war.
– Panama. This tells the tale of Thomas Somerscales, the Hull born artist who made his name in Chile. He returns to Hull in 1915 and the drama unfolds around his dialogue with a young German marxist who happens to be heir to a fortune; a Russian Prince returning to fight for his Czar and a formidable woman whose life in business reveals more about society than the others find comfortable.
– Truths. A performance based around readings from writers all over the world in response to the war: from Europe to China.
– The Silver Hatchet Gang. Every City across the UK had their gangs.Hull’s version started in the schools; ended up running the docks with a murder that had 15,000 people out on the streets thrown into the mix.

Each performance explores a different aspect of the war and opens up discussion as well as offering insights into local history.

These plays are dedicated to John Oxley, History Teacher and Rugby Coach at St John Fisher and the Marist College – a different man.

Anybody interested? Please get in touch. Meanwhile, here’s Heroes…