THT Autumn Season

The BIG news is the opening of the ABP Pump House “Pop Up” Gallery on Alexandra Dock in Hull. We open in November through to 10th December with the amazing InPort Stories Programme. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 6 weeks this extraordinary listed building adjacent to the Siemens Factory will feature a Photographic Exhibition from the ABP Digital Archive; a story of Hull, Port City and Drama and Performance on the Dock from The History Troupe Players; the Hillbilly Troupe; Emily Thomson; Rupert Creed and his story telling; Jay Moy’s projections and a soundtrack of songs crafted by Dez O’Connor and many more. This Programme will feature:

  • The Box, a story of four dockers in Hull in the 1970s and how they face up to modernisation. There are clear parallels across all industries down to now.
  • Boolin Prams, a story of two women living in Hull’s Fishing Community on Hessle Road – now long gone.
  • Mick McGarry and a life at Sea. featuring Last Train from Yugoslavia and a host of Hullensian seafaring classics.
  • Talks on Hull, Port City; Hull, Maritime City and many more.
  • InPort Stories. Exhibition of 250 photographs from the ABP digital archive.

Watch this space for the Programme. Meanwhile, have a look at InPort Stories on Instagram.

In parallel, there will be:

  • Saturday 11th November. Statues Cradling Toys at St Mary Watton on Saturday 11th November. Inspired by a statue in the memorial  garden on Hengate in Beverley, this combination of readings and music will explore the First World War from a fresh angle – including the impact of the Sykes Picot Agreement on the Middle East down to now. Tickets to be released on Eventbrite.
  • A Tale of Two Cities, a Story of Hull Kingston Rovers and Hull FC at the Freedom Centre; Amateur West Hull Rugby League Club. Dates to be announced. Sammy Lloyd will lead the Derby clash on the night.
  • Run for the Line. A story of Jack Harrison – scorer of 52 tries in the 1913-14 season when Hull FC won the Challenge Cup for the first time – who volunteered for the Hull Pals and was killed at Oppy Wood, near Arras on 3rd May 1917. The History Troupe players – including RL legend Sammy Lloyd and the voice of Mick McGarry tell the tale and sing the songs that open up the war from a fresh direction.  Dates to be announced.

Watch this space